Solar Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoors with Built-in Mic and Emergency Flash Light


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CYBORIS Solar Bluetooth Speaker ES-T63 30 Hours Playtime Portable Upgraded 2nd Generation Wireless HiFi Speaker for Outdoors with Built-in Mic and Emergency Light. Major features included are the Built-in latest solar panel to charge 2500mAh lithium battery, solar charging for 10 mins allows another 30 minutes of playtime or 1-hour charge by Solar panel could last 3 hours. With a Hi-capacity lithium battery and built-in smart battery management system, power consumption is lower that allows up to 30 hours on a full charge. You can go for an all beach/park day and play music the entire time without worrying about saving the battery. Superior Bass Sound] Adopting advanced APT-X chip HD lossless audio technology and dual driver, the speaker has a surprisingly powerful bass response.  The silicone rubber cover and advanced solar panel mean you don't have to be afraid of dropping it from 6.5ft in height and breaking it. Splashproof means you could rinse it off or expose it to rain without compromising its functionality speaker. Just don't submerge it for a long time, but should withstand accidental drop in water.  Bluetooth, Audio, Mic, Flashlight, SOS Multifunctional. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your cell phones, tablets from up to 32 feet away. Also play audio from Laptops, PCs, mp3 players with included 3.5mm audio mini cable. Built-in mic for hands-free calls...Flashlight and SOS Functions. 

1, Product Introduction
The ES-T63 is a kind of Portable Solar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for the outdoors, with a mainstream CSR Bluetooth module, imported audio power amplifier, and HiFi speaker, you can enjoy high-quality music under any environments. With a high power monocrystalline silicon solar panel, the speaker could be charging and playing the music continuously outdoors. 10 Minutes charge by Solar panel could last 30 minutes of music playing. (comment: The data is based on the field test, it may have any differences under different conditions, such as different place, season and sunlight intensity in actual using). 1 hour charge by Solar panel could last 3 hours. (All testing data came from the Laboratory test, may have some difference due to different using conditions like volume, music type, sunlight etc.) Stylish design always provide you a nice mood anywhere. 3 proofings also make the possibility to use the device under most of the outdoor environment. Waterproof, dustproof and breakingproof is one of the outstanding features of the product.   

1. Bluetooth specifications: Bluetooth 4.0
2. Wireless transmission distance: 10M
3. Audio Input: Bluetooth, AUX
4. Audio performance: Support AAC, MP3, SBC stereo
5. Audio signal to noise ratio ≥75dB
6. Distortion ≤0.1%
7. Output Power: 2X 4.5W
8. Speaker: F40mm, Double magnetic 16 core 4/5W
9. Frequency response: 100Hz-18KHz
10. Operating Voltage: 3.0-4.2V
11. Standby current: ≤0.5mA
12. Built-in battery lithium-ion 3.7V/2500mAh
13. Charging specifications: 5V/1A
14. Solar panel: Monocrystalline silicon 5V/220mA
15. Working Temperature: 0ºC-50ºC
16. Storage temperature: -20ºC-45ºC
17. Product Size: L * W * H = 205 mm * 68 mm * 62 mm
18. Colours: Outshell Silicon Colour: Black/Blue/Green;
  Plastic decorative strip Colour: Black/Orange
 Metal Net Colour: Black
19. Net Weight: 430g, Gross Weight: 680g  

3, Package Included: 
1* Solar Bluetooth speaker
1* 3.5mm audio cable
1* USB cable
2* Velcro straps
1* Carabiner
1* User manual  

4, Warning
DO NOT put this speaker under the overheating environment (such as inside the airtight car which is under
great sunlight heating, Radiators, Stoves, and any other equipment or devices which produce high temperatures). The overheating would probably damage the speaker or even cause any potential threat to the safety of human life. The speaker is standard with 2 pieces of magic tape to fix to any certain positions. Please do confirm that the speaker is lightly fixed before use, or it will cause any potential damages to the product or hurt to humans. Products within the sophisticated electronic components. Non-professionals person can not remove the product. Otherwise, it will accidentally hurt yourself or damage the product. 


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